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Proprietary Technology

EPIC™ glove shaping and design concepts provide a relaxed and unchallenged fit and comfort level which when combined with our Polymerix™ liner fibres and TACT™ (Thermally Activated Coating Technology) have to be worn to be believed.


Lightweight, high cut resistance super thin fibres create an ultra-flexible fine grade glove liner.


Thermally Activated Coating Technology. TACT™ coatings react to the wearer’s body temperature and adapt the individual hand shape and contours providing a customised fit for every worker. As the TACT™ gloves react to form a second skin, you watch the coating morph into the creases of your hand right in front of your eyes. The future is here TACT!


Epicflow™ is a purpose engineered system of coating gloves where microporous breathable cells are created to allow heat and sweat to be wicked away from the hand providing reduced fatigue and maximised comfort. Their microporous cells also function as miniature suction cups to provide excellent grip in most industrial conditions.


Another benefit of having ultra-flexible fine grade glove liners is that traditionally hard to fit hand sizes and shapes usually find a perfect fit with one of the EPIC™ high tech styles featuring Polymerix™ fibres.